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TRINERO 3 months

TRINERO 3 months

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* Helps with Stress and Anxiety
* Improves Sleep and Mood
* Increases concentration
* Restores Optimal Gut and Brain Cooperation.


Organic hemp powder (EU-certified hemp, hemp is not extracted, separated, isolated or synthesized), pine bark extract (rich in fulvic acid and polyphenols), capsule made from plant-origin cellulose.

Sugessted use

Take 1 capsule daily before bedtime. For a more rapid effect, the dose can be increased to 2 capsules. Please consult a healthcare professional before adjusting the dosage.

TRINERO is full canabinoid hemp suppliment combined with pine bark extract rich in Fulvic Acid to improve cannabinoid absorbtion!

TRINERO contains hemp grown from EU-certified seeds without pesticides and herbicides. It is not extracted, separated, isolated or synthesized. It is completely organic, with no solvent residues and is a powder of the whole plant, including seeds, fibre and leaves.

TRINERO helps to restore your brain function and gut balance. Best results are achieved when hemp has all essential ingredients, like Nature has made it in million years.

90 capsules

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